Tomcat JSS 7.2 Development

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$ dnf install ant apache-commons-lang java-devel jss

Getting Source Code

To clone upstream Tomcat JSS source repository:

$ git clone

The above command will create a new 'tomcatjss' folder.

Building TomcatJSS

To do a normal build of Tomcat JSS (instead of generating RPM package):

$ ant

The above command will generate tomcatjss.jar.

To build and install Tomcat JSS:

$ ant install

The above command will generate tomcatjss.jar and install it in /usr/share/java/tomcatjss-<version>.jar, then it will create link at /usr/share/java/tomcatjss.jar to the versioned file.

Build Properties

By default the build.xml defines the build properties for Fedora. To customize the build properties for other platforms create a separate property file and specify the new property values.

For example, for RHEL there's only one property to change:


Then the build can be done as follows:

$ ant -propertyfile <property file> [TARGETS...]