Welcome to the home page for the Dogtag Certificate System!

The Dogtag Certificate System is an enterprise-class open source Certificate Authority (CA). It is a full-featured system, and has been hardened by real-world deployments. It supports all aspects of certificate lifecycle management, including key archival, OCSP and smartcard management, and much more. The Dogtag Certificate System can be downloaded for free and set up in less than an hour.

This site has everything you need to join the Dogtag community. Whether you are just looking for help and advice deploying and using Dogtag components, or you want to take a more active role and help shape the future of PKI, there are documentation references, mailing lists, and discussion channels for you to read or join:

Key Features#

Dogtag is a collection of technologies that allow enterprises to deploy PKI on a large scale. It has features such as:

For more, see the Features page.


Releases are published in the following pages:

See also News Archive.

What Can You Do?#

If you’re a new user, check out the User Guide. To run or deploy a Certificate System using pre-built components, see the Installation Guide.
If you are interested in development, view the Development Guide.
For information regarding exciting new directions for Dogtag (such as simplifying its ability to have many of its features embedded in other projects), see the following:

Developers who are writing clients against the new REST interface in Dogtag can find useful information here:

Additional ideas for using Dogtag and participating in our community are in the following sections:


Join our community and help shape the future of Dogtag! Here are some links to get you started:

Team, History, and Contributors#

The Dogtag technology has roots that go back over 15 years. Here is some background: