$ dnf install tito


To enable Tito build, go to the root directory of the local git repository, then execute:

$ tito init
$ git push origin master

Creating a Release#

To create a release, go to the package directory, then execute:

$ tito tag --keep-version --no-auto-changelog
$ git push origin <branch> --tags --force

To undo a tag:

$ tito tag -u


$ git tag -d <tag>
$ git reset --hard HEAD^

Creating a Local Build#

$ tito build --rpm --offline

Creating a COPR Build#

In COPR repository go to Packages, click New package, then enter the following:

  • Source Type: SCM

  • SCM type: git

  • Clone URL:

  • Webhook rebuild: yes

  • Build SRPM with: tito

Configuring Webhook#

In COPR repository go to Settings, click Webhooks, then copy GitHub Webhook URL. Go to GitHub project, click Settings, click Webhooks, click Add Webhook, then enter the following:

  • Payload URL

  • Content type: application/json.