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$ dnf install tito


To enable Tito build, go to the root directory of the local git repository, then execute:

$ tito init
$ git push origin master

Creating a Release

To create a release, go to the package directory, then execute:

$ tito tag --keep-version --no-auto-changelog
$ git push origin <branch> --tags --force

To undo a tag:

$ tito tag -u


$ git tag -d <tag>
$ git reset --hard HEAD^

Creating a Local Build

$ tito build --rpm --offline

Creating a COPR Build

In COPR repository go to Packages, click New package, then enter the following:

  • Source Type: SCM
  • SCM type: git
  • Clone URL: <GitHub URL>
  • Webhook rebuild: yes
  • Build SRPM with: tito

Configuring Webhook

In COPR repository go to Settings, click Webhooks, then copy GitHub Webhook URL. Go to GitHub project, click Settings, click Webhooks, click Add Webhook, then enter the following:

  • Payload URL
  • Content type: application/json.