PKI 10 Licensing

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RPM Licenses

These are the licenses listed in the RPM spec files:

Package Types
pki.spec GPL 2 and LGPL 2

License Files

These are some of the license files found in PKI source repository:

File Types
base/ca/LICENSE GPL 2
base/common/LICENSE GPL 2
base/console/LICENSE GPL 2
base/java-tools/LICENSE GPL 2
base/kra/LICENSE GPL 2
base/native-tools/LICENSE GPL 2
base/ocsp/LICENSE GPL 2
base/server/LICENSE GPL 2
base/symkey/LICENSE GPL 2
base/tks/LICENSE GPL 2
base/tps/LICENSE LGPL 2.1
base/tps-client/apache/LICENSE-2.0 Apache License 2.0, others
base/tps-client/LICENSE LGPL 2.1
base/util/LICENSE GPL 2
dogtag/common-ui/LICENSE GPL 2
dogtag/console-ui/LICENSE GPL 2
tests/dogtag/shared/java/argparser/COPYRIGHT  ?

Source Code Licenses

These are some of the licenses found in some of PKI source code in addition to GPLv2 and LGPLv2:

File Type
base/common/python/pki/cli/ LGPL 3+
base/common/python/ LGPL 3
base/tps-client/apache/docroot/esc/sow/js/ajax-dynamic-list.js LGPL 2.1+
base/tps-client/apache/docroot/esc/sow/js/ajax.js Modified X11 Licence
base/tps-client/apache/docroot/esc/sow/js/lightbox.js Creative Commons Attribution 2.5
base/tps-client/apache/docroot/esc/sow/js/prototype.js MIT
base/tps-client/apache/docroot/esc/sow/js/scriptaculous.js  ?
base/native-tools/src/revoker/getopt.c MPL 1.1 or GPL 2+

Copyright Notices

These are some of the copyright notices found in PKI source code:

File Owners
base/ca/shared/webapps/ca/admin/ca/adminEnroll.html Red Hat, Inc.
base/ca/shared/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/web.xml The Apache Software Foundation
base/common/THIRD_PARTY_LICENSES jQuery Foundation and other contributors, Jeremy Ashkenas, DocumentCloud and Investigative Reporters & Editors
base/native-tools/src/revoker/getopt.c Netscape Communications Corporation
base/server/setup/web-app_2_3.dtd Sun Microsystems, Inc.
base/server/share/webapps/pki/js/bootstrap.js Twitter, Inc.
base/tps-client/apache/docroot/esc/sow/js/ajax-dynamic-list.js, Alf Magne Kalleland
base/tps-client/apache/docroot/esc/sow/js/ajax.js Gregory Wild-Smith
base/tps-client/apache/docroot/esc/sow/js/prototype.js Sam Stephenson
base/tps-client/apache/docroot/esc/sow/js/scriptaculous.js Thomas Fuchs
base/tps-client/apache/LICENSE-2.0 Cisco Systems, Inc., Ian F. Darwin, Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, Jeff Hostetler, Spyglass, Inc., Carnegie Mellon University, Bell Communications Research, Inc., RSA Data Security, Inc., The Apache Software Foundation., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Cambridge, Zeus Technology Limited, Thai Open Source Software Center Ltd and Clark Cooper
cmake/Modules/FindAPR.cmake Andreas Schneider
cmake/Modules/FindLdap.cmake Matthew Harmsen, Alexander Neundorf, Andreas Schneider
cmake/Modules/MacroCopyFile.cmake Wengo, Andreas Schneider
dogtag/common-ui/shared/css/patternfly.css bootstrap-select
tests/dogtag/shared/java/argparser/COPYRIGHT John E. Lloyd
tools/jar/jar-query John Dennis