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There are many ways you can contribute to nuxwdog. This page should provide some basic pointers.

Most of the nuxwdog code originated from the watchdog daemon used to start the NES server. (uxwdog) This server was originally used in Red Hat Certificate Server 6.1. The certificate server has seen moved on to using tomcat as its servlet engine, but a need arose to prompt for passwords on server startup, and nuxwdog was introduced into RHCS 8.1. nuxwdog discussions occur on the dogtag-pki IRC channel on freenode.

Source Code Repository

For the nuxwdog project, we use git for source control. The code can be retrieved with the command

git clone

QA, Development and Bug Triage

For opening, triaging or resolving Trac tickets for the SSSD, we have a process document describing our bug lifecycle available. Furthermore, we have adopted the code style and formatting specification used by the Dogtag project to describe our C, Java and Perl coding styles.

Our code submission process amounts to this. Clone a copy of the source code repository above. Make some changes and commit them locally, then send the patch as an attachment to the mailing list. The code will be reviewed by one or more engineers on the Dogtag project, and will be replied to either with an "Ack" (in which case the code will be pushed to the upstream repository the next time a repo administrator is available) or with a "Nack" (in which case the reasons why the patch was refused will be detailed).