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This page describes the manual pages available in Dogtag 10. To view the page, execute:

$ man [section] <page>

For example:

$ man pki
$ man 5 pki-tps-connector


pki-server rpm package:

  • pki_default(5): Default server deployment configuration.
  • pkispawn(8): Server deployment tool.
  • pkidestroy(8): Server undeployment tool.


pki-base rpm package:

  • pki-upgrade(8): System upgrade tool.

pki-server rpm package:

  • pki-server-upgrade(8): Server upgrade tool.

Command Line Interface

pki-tools rpm package:

  • pki(1): Main CLI.
  • pki-client(1): Client configuration tool (since 10.2).
  • pki-user(1): User management tool (since 10.2).
  • pki-group(1): Group management tool (since 10.2).
  • pki-cert(1): Certificate management tool (since 10.2).
  • pki-key(1): Key management tool (since 10.2).
  • pki-securitydomain(1): Security domain management tool (since 10.2).

Server Configuration

pki-tps rpm package:

  • pki-tps-connector(5): TPS connector configuration (since 10.2).