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Dogtag Certificate System and its underlying components can often benefit from the use of various diagnostic and debugging techniques. A few of the most valuable methods are discussed below. Feel free to add other suggestions in the future.

Debugging NSS

Debugging JSS

Debugging Tomcat JSS

Tomcat JSS acts as a bridge between the tomcat webserver and our JSS security component. See Tomcat JSS Logging.

Debugging Dogtag CS servers with strace

This section shows how to run strace with Dogtag servers.

  • If you are debugging with the CA, then look for the file /usr/bin/dtomcat5-<instance-nme>: e.g. /usr/bin/dtomcat5-pki-ca. Edit it, and search for the line that looks like the following:
      elif [ "$1" = "start" ] ; then

and within that elif block, find the "else" block of "if [ "$1" = "-security" ] ; then" strace -o /tmp/strace.log "$_RUNJAVA" $JAVA_OPTS $CATALINA_OPTS \

Start/restart the server.

  /etc/init.d/pki-cad restart

This will write the strace generated log in the file /tmp/strace.log

This can be used with the NSS(PKCS11) debugging method above.

Debugging CS Using Tomcat with a Security Manager

Out-of-the-box, Dogtag 1.1 will not run Tomcat using the Security Manager. The means used to debug and create a valid "security policy" follows:

(1) Prepare the "/etc/init.d/<pki_instance>" to start using the Security Manager by adding the -security option to the start section of this script:

   # daemon --user $TOMCAT_USER $TOMCAT_SCRIPT start
   if [ ${OS} = "SunOS" ] ; then
       su  $TOMCAT_USER -c "$TOMCAT_SCRIPT start -security" > /dev/null
       runuser -s /bin/bash $TOMCAT_USER -c "$TOMCAT_SCRIPT start -security" > /dev/null

(2) Set the following in "/usr/bin/dtomcat5-<pki_instance>":

    or, for less, but far more relevant info, use:

(3) In both cases, perform the following command sequences:

   (a) cat /dev/null > /var/log/<pki_instance>/catalina.out
   (b) /sbin/service <pki_instance> start
   (c) grep failed /var/log/<pki_instance>/catalina.out
    Execute "/sbin/service <pki_instance> stop", place a new policy rule for each failure into the "/var/lib/<pki_instance>/conf/catalina.out", and re-run commands (a), (b), and (c) until all failures have been accounted for.

Debugging Dogtag server Java Code over Tomcat with JDB or JSWat