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Based on a meeting on 11/6/2012, we will reduce the number of packages from 16 to 3, and centralized what needs to be done to customize the UI. We will provide an option for a UI-less server - and we will remove the rather noisome ipa-theme package.


The dogtag-pki-theme will consist of two packages:

  • dogtag-pki-server-theme : which will consist of all image files, css files and properties files which contain wording for the templates for all the subsystems.
  • dogtag-pki-console-theme: which contains whatever console currently contains (images etc.)

The redhat-pki-theme will consist of two similar packages:

  • redhat-pki-server-theme
  • redhat-pki-console-theme

The *-pki-common-theme is being replaced by *-pki-server-theme.


The template files for each subsystem will be cleaned up such that all product references, colors etc. will be replaced by references in the properties files and css files delivered in one of the *-pki-server-theme packages. They will be placed in the relevant pki-ca, pki-kra .. rpms. Once this happens, the packages *-pki-ca-ui, *-pki-ra-ui, etc. can be obsoleted. That eliminates 12 packages.

CSS and Images

pkispawn will be modified to copy the images and css files from *-pki-common-theme to <instance>/webapps/pki. It will deliver the template files to <instance>/webapps/{ca-ui|kra-ui|...} There will also be a config option for pkispawn pki_install_ui, which will default to true, which determines whether the above copied take place.


A command line tool will be provided to copy the relevant UI files/ or remove them as needed for debugging purposes.


The ipa-theme rpm will no longer be needed and can be obsoleted.

To Do

  • Move CSS files to dogtag-pki-server-theme, and update references and pkispawn accordingly.
  • Clean up template files to include text in properties files in dogtag-pki-server-theme.
  • Convert colors settings into CSS classes.
  • Modify pkispawn to deliver UI pieces to webapps/ui and webapps/ca-ui etc.
  • Add pkispawn option to not copy the UI pieces (gifs, templates etc). Test this with IPA and confirm that nothing breaks.
  • Create command line tool to add/ remove UI files.