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This page describes the procedure to execute admin tasks.

Subsystem-specific Tasks

Certificate System Configuration Files

Managing System Passwords

Changing System Passwords

Current procedure:

  • Open password.conf.
  • Change the password.
  • Save the changes.

Proposed procedure:

  • pki-server password-mod -i <instance ID> <name>

Removing System Passwords

Current procedure:

  • Remove password.conf

Proposed procedure:

  • pki-server password-del --all

Restoring System Passwords

Current procedure:

  • Create password.conf.
  • Add passwords listed in cms.passwordlist.
  • Save the changes.

Proposed procedure:

  • pki-server password-add --all

Basic Subsystem Management

Starting and Stopping Server Instances

Starting and Stopping an Server Instance

  • pki-server instance-start [instance]
  • pki-server instance-stop [instance]

Configuring Server Instance Auto-start

  • pki-server instance-enable/disable [instance]

Checking the Server Instance Status

  • pki-server instance-status [instance]

Configuring Ports

Current procedure:

  • Stop the subsystem instance.
  • Open the instance's configuration directory.
  • Open the server.xml file, and edit the appropriate port numbers.
  • Open the web.xml file, and edit the appropriate port numbers.
  • Configure SELinux to work with the new port.
  • Restart the subsystem.

Proposed procedure:

  • pki-server instance-stop
  • pki-server instance-port-find
  • pki-server instance-port-mod <name> <value>
  • pki-server instance-start

Configuring the LDAP Database

Changing the Internal Database Configuration

Current procedure:

  • Log into the subsystem administrative console.
  • In the Configuration tab, select the Internal Database tab.
  • Change the Directory Server instance by changing the hostname, port, and bind DN fields.
  • Click Save.
  • Restart server.

Proposed procedure:

  • pki-server instance-stop
  • pki-server instance-config-internal-find
  • pki-server instance-config-internal-mod <param> <value>
  • pki-server instance-start

Enabling SSL Connection with Internal Database

See Enabling SSL Connection with Internal Database.

Configuring Client Certificate Authentication to Internal Database

See Configuring Client Certificate Authentication to Internal Database.

Restricting Access to the Internal Database

Viewing Security Domain Configuration

Backing up and Restoring Certificate System

Backing up and Restoring the LDAP Internal Database

Backing up and Restoring the SQLite Internal Database

Backing up and Restoring the Instance Directory

Running Self-Tests

Running Self-Tests

Configuring Self-Tests

Modifying Self-Test Configuration

Configuring POSIX System ACLs

Managing Certificate System Users and Groups

Disabling Multi-Roles Support

Managing Users and Groups for a CA, OCSP, KRA, or TKS

Managing Groups

Creating a New Group

Changing Members in a Group

Managing Users (Administrators, Agents, and Auditors)

Creating Users

Changing a Certificate System User's Certificate

Renewing Administrator, Agent, and Auditor User Certificates

Deleting a Certificate System User

Preventing Users from Belonging to Multiple Roles

Creating and Managing Users for a TPS

Searching for Users

Adding Users

Setting Profiles for Users

Changing Roles for Users

Renewing TPS Agent and Administrator Certificates

Deleting Users

Configuring Access Control for Users for the CA, OCSP, DRM, and TKS

Changing the Access Control Settings for the Subsystem

Editing ACLs

Configuring Subsystem Logs

Viewing Logs

Configuring Logs

Managing Audit Logs

A List of Audit Events

Enabling Signed Audit Logs after Installation

Configuring Signed Audit Logs in the Console

Handling Audit Logging Failures

Signing Log Files

Managing Log Modules

Managing Subsystem Certificates

Requesting Certificates through the Console

Requesting Signing Certificates

Requesting Other Certificates

Renewing Subsystem Certificates

Re-keying Certificates in the End-Entities Forms

Renewing Certificates in the Console

Renewing Certificates Using certutil

Changing the Names of Subsystem Certificates

Using Cross-Pair Certificates

Installing Cross-Pair Certificates

Searching for Cross-Pair Certificates

Managing the Certificate Database

Installing Certificates in the Certificate System Database

Viewing Database Content

Deleting Certificates from the Database

Changing the Trust Settings of a CA Certificate

Managing Tokens Used by the Subsystems

Detecting Tokens

Viewing Tokens

Changing a Token's Password