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Getting Eclipse

Yum install eclipse-platform eclipse-jdt

eclipse-cdt for C/C++ 

but that is a tale for another day Tomcat not included either

Getting JEE For Eclipse

Help->Install New Software Repository:Indigo URL Install New Software -> Web, XML and Java EE Developer

Tomcat Instance

  • User is you: Directory under your control:
  • The PKI Tomcat instance is very customized: Much easier to use the tomcat instance created by pkicreate than to try and make your own or work with one downloaded by eclipse.

Creating the Tomcat Instance

sudo pkicreate -pki_instance_root=$HOME/apps -subsystem_type=ca -pki_instance_name=pki-ca-dev -secure_port=8443 -unsecure_port=8080 -tomcat_server_port=8005 -user=$USER -group=$USER -verbose


  • demo-pki-ca -> /etc/rc.d/init.d/tomcat6
  • bin -> /usr/share/tomcat6/bin
  • lib -> /usr/share/tomcat6/lib
  • Remove webapps/ca/WEB-INF/lib/pki*\
  • Symlink webapps/ca/WEB-INF/classes to pki project in Eclipse

Runtime Environment

  • Windows->Preferences->Server->Runtime Environments
  • add a “Runtime Environment”  : tomcat6
  • choose the directory that pkicreate put the tomcat instance in.
  • If you missed one of the symlinks, it will give you and angry icon

Server Project

Create Server Project

  • File->New->Other->Server->Server Project

-- OR --

  • Window->Perspectives->Other->JEE
  • Right click in Server View

Server View

  • JEE Perspective: server view
  • tab on the bottom of the window
  • double click it and you should get a property sheet in the main window
  • “Use Tomcat Installation”
  • Open launch configuration
  • Classpath
  • under user entries: Add tomcat-juli.jar


Link Source To PKI Breakpoint in known path of the application