Tomcat JSS Release Procedure

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Obtain a Kerberos ticket for Fedora Account.

Update Version and Release Numbers

Update the version numbers and release numbers in the spec templates.

Pre-release (i.e. alpha, beta):

  • x.y.0-0.n

Initial release:

  • x.y.0-1

Updates (i.e. upstream bug fixes):

  • x.y.z-1

Downstream patch (e.g. Fedora-specific patches):

  • x.y.z-r

See also Versioning.

Merge Spec Changes

Merge the spec template with actual spec file:

$ meld ../Fedora/tomcatjss/tomcatjss.spec

Note: Do not override changes that were done downstream unless they were done improperly.

In the actual spec file, add a change log entry for the new release in downstream spec file (unless there is one already that has not been released):

* Mon Mar 29 2018 Dogtag PKI Team <> - 7.3.0-1
- Rebased to Tomcat JSS 7.3.0

Note: Do not add a change log entry in the upstream spec template.

Commit Upstream Changes

Commit all changes to upstream:

$ git commit -a -m "Updated version number to x.y.z-r"

Create a local tag with the following commands:

$ git tag v7.3.0

For pre-releases, append the phase name to the version number, e.g. v7.3.0-a1.

Update Source Tarball

Generate a tarball with the following command:

$ cd tomcatjss
$ ./ --source-tag=v7.3.0 src

Import the source tarball with the following commands:

$ cd Fedora/tomcatjss
$ fedpkg new-sources tomcatjss-7.3.0.tar.gz

Then verify with the following command:

$ fedpkg local
$ fedpkg lint

Creating Test Build

Create a COPR build with the following commands:

$ fedpkg copr-build @pki/10.6 --nowait

or create a scratch build with the following commands:

$ fedpkg srpm
$ fedpkg scratch-build --nowait --srpm tomcatjss-4.5.0-1.fc28.src.rpm

Once the COPR build is complete, push the tag upstream:

$ cd tomcatjss
$ git push origin master
$ git push origin v7.3.0

Creating Koji Build for Rawhide

Once the COPR build is complete, commit the changes to master (i.e. rawhide):

$ cd Fedora/tomcatjss
$ git commit -m "Rebased to Tomcat JSS 7.3.0"
$ git push origin master

Then create a Koji build:

$ fedpkg build --nowait

If necessary, the task can be monitored with the following command:

$ koji watch-task <task ID>

Once the build is complete, tag package repository:

$ git tag tomcatjss-7.3.0-1.fc29
$ git push origin tomcatjss-7.3.0-1.fc29

Creating Koji Build for Current Branch

Cherry pick the changes from master into the current branch (e.g. f28):

$ cd Fedora/<package>
$ git checkout <branch>
$ git cherry-pick <prev tag>..<current tag>
$ git push origin <branch>

If nececessary, create BuildRoot overrides for unpublished dependencies, for example:

$ bodhi overrides save tomcat-8.5.29-1.fc28
$ koji wait-repo f28-build --build=tomcat-8.5.29-1.fc28

Then create a Koji build:

$ fedpkg build --nowait

If necessary, the task can be monitored with the following command:

$ koji watch-task <task ID>

Tag package repository:

$ git tag tomcatjss-7.3.0-1.fc28
$ git push origin tomcatjss-7.3.0-1.fc28

Creating Bodhi Update for Current Branch

If updating multiple packages at the same time (e.g., pki-core), wait to push all of them together

Submit a Bodhi update:

$ bodhi updates new \
 --request=testing \
 --notes="Update to TomcatJSS 7.3.0-1" \
 --type=enhancement \