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  • Here is a proposed new RESTful design for a programmatic interface to dogtag
"Objects" "Operation" "REST Path" "Description" "Mapped Servlets (CA)" "Mapped Servlets (KRA)" "Mapped Servlets(OCSP)" "Mapped Servlets (TKS)"
Top Level GET /pki top level services; caindex kraindex; services service; ocspindex services
Controller Objects GET /pki/token/sessionKey Calculate token session key material tksSessionKey
GET /pki/token/diversifiedKey Calculate upgraded key set data for token symmetric key changeover tksCreateKeySetData
GET /pki/token/encryptedData Calculate encrypted block of data tksEncryptData
GET /pki/token/randomData Calculate random block of data of given size tksRandomData
Certificates GET /pki/certificates Get list of certificates caSrchCerts-agent; caListCerts-agent;caSrchCert; caSrchRevokeCert; caSrchCerts; caListCerts
/pki/certifcate/$id/details Get certifcate details caDisplayCertFromRequest-agent; caDisplayBySerial-agent; caDisplayCertFromRequest; caDisplayBySerial
POST-b /pki/certificate/ocsp Get OCSP response caOCSP ocspCheckCert; ocspReadCheckCertPage
GET /pki/certificate/$id Get certifcate caGetAdminCertBySerial; caGetCertChain; caGetCertChainAdmin; caGetCertFromRequest-agent;caGetBySerial-agent; caQueryBySerial; caGetBySerial; caGetAdminBySerial; caGetCAChain; caGetCertFromRequest
Certificate Status PUT /pki/certificate/$id/status Modify certificate status - revoke; unrevoke caDoUnrevoke; caDoRevoke-agent; caDoRevoke1; caDoRevoke1; caCMCRevReq; caDoUnrevoke1; caRevocation; caDoRevoke; caProxyDoRevoke
GET /pki/certificate/$id/status Get certificate status
Cert Requests GET /pki/requests Get list of requests caListRequests; caSearchReqs
GET /pki/request/$id Get request details caqueryReq; caCheckRequest
POST-a /pki/request Add a request caProfileSubmit; caenrollment;cacertbasedenrollment; caProfileSubmitCMCSimple; profileSubmitCMCFull; caProfileSubmitSSLClient; caProxyProfileSubmit; cabulkissuance; caProxyBulkIssuance; caRenewal; caSCEP; caRASCEP
PUT /pki/request/$id Modify a request - if a request is not approved an agent can modify it before approving. caProfileProcess; caProcessCertReq; caProcessReq
Cert Request Status PUT /pki/request/$id/status Modify request status - approve; deny etc; caProfileProcess; caProcessCertReq; caProcessReq
GET /pki/request/$id/status Get request status caCheckRequest
Cert profiles GET /pki/profiles Get list of profiles caProfileList-agent; caProfileList
GET /pki/profile/$id Get profile details caProfileReview; caProfileSelect-agent; caProfileSelect; caSCEP; caRASCEP
PUT /pki/profile/$id Add or modify profile caprofile; caProfileApprove
DEL /pki/profile/$id Delete a profile caprofile
Cert CRLs GET /pki/crls Get list of CRLs None
GET /pki/crl/details Get CRL details camasterCADisplayCRL ocspReadAddCRLPage
GET /pki/crl Get CRL caGetCRL
PUT /pki/crl Add a CRL ocspAddCRL
POST-b /pki/crl Modify a CRL camasterCAUpdateCRL
DEL /pki/crl Delete a CRL
CAs (for OCSP) GET /pki/ocsp/cas Get list of CAs ocspListCAs
GET /pki/ocsp/ca/$id Get CA details ocspReadAddCAPage
PUT /pki/ocsp/ca/$id Add or modify a CA ocspAddCA
DEL /pki/ocsp/ca/$id Delete a CA ocspRemoveCA
keys GET /pki/keys Get list of keys kraSrchKey; kraKRASrchKey; kraKRASrchKeyForRecovery; kraSrchRecoverKey
GET /pki/key/$id Get key kraKRAGetPk12; kraKRAGetAsyncPk12
GET /pki/key/$id/details Get key details kraKRADisplayBySerialForRecovery; kraKRADisplayBySerial
PUT /pki/key/$id Add a key
key requests (archival; recovery; keygen) GET /pki/keyrequests Get list of key requests kraListRequests; krakraqueryReq
GET /pki/keyrequest/$id Get key request details kraKRAGetApprovalStatus; kraKRAExamineRecovery;
POST-a /pki/keyrequest/archive Add a key archival request kraConnector
POST-a /pki/keyrequest/recovery Add a key recovery request(async) kraKRARecoverBySerial; tokenKeyRecovery
POST-a /pki/keyrequest/generate Add a request to generate a key pair. Return key pair and optionally archive it. GenerateKeyPairServlet
Key request Status PUT /pki/keyrequest/$id/status Modify a key request status (approve async recovery) kraKRAGrantRecovery; kraKRAGrantAsyncRecovery; kraKRAProcessReq; kraGrantRecovery;
GET /pki/keyrequest/$id/status Get key request status
DEL /pki/keyrequest/$id Delete a key request None
users GET /pki/users Get list of users caug kraug ocspug tksug
GET /pki/user/$id Get user details caug kraug ocspug tksug
PUT /pki/user/$id Add or modify a user caug; caRegisterUser; caRegisterRaUser; caAdminEnroll kraRegisterUser; kraug ocspug tksug; tksRegisterUser
DEL /pki/user/$id Delete a user caug kraug ocspug tksug
System GET /pki/X/status Get subsystem status caGetStatus
GET /pki/X/stats Get subsystem stats caStats
GET /pki/X/monitor Get subsystem monitor stats caMonitor
GET /pki/X/logs Get list of logs for subsystem calog kralog ocsplog tkslog
GET /pki/X/log/$id Get log contents calog kralog ocsplog tkslog
GET /pki/config/X/acls Get list of acls caacl kraacl ocspacl tksacl
GET /pki/config/X/acl/$id Get acl details caacl kraacl ocspacl tksacl
PUT /pki/config/X/acl/$id Add or modify an acl caacl kraacl ocspacl tksacl
DEL /pki/config/X/acl/$id Delete an acl caacl kraacl ocspacl tksacl
GET /pki/config/X/logs Get list of logs calog kralog ocsplog tkslog
GET /pki/config/X/log/$id Get log details calog kralog ocsplog tkslog
PUT /pki/config/X/log/$id Add or modify a log configuration calog kralog ocsplog tkslog
DEL /pki/config/X/log/$id Delete an log configuration calog kralog ocsplog tkslog
GET /pki/config/ca/systems Get list of systems from security domain caGetDomainXML
GET /pki/config/ca/system/$id Get system details from sec domain None as yet
PUT /pki/config/ca/system/$id Add or modify a system in security domain caUpdateDomainXML
DEL /pki/config/ca/system/$id Delete an system from security domain caUpdateDomainXML
GET /pki/config/ca/publishers Get list of publishers capublisher
GET /pki/config/ca/publisher/$id Get publisher details capublisher
PUT /pki/config/ca/publisher/$id Add or modify a publisher capublisher
DEL /pki/config/ca/publisher/$id Delete a publisher capublisher
GET /pki/config/X/jobs Get list of jobs cajobsScheduler krajobsScheduler ocspjobsScheduler tksjobsScheduler
GET /pki/config/X/job/$id Get job details cajobsScheduler krajobsScheduler ocspjobsScheduler tksjobsScheduler
PUT /pki/config/X/job/$id Add an job cajobsScheduler krajobsScheduler ocspjobsScheduler tksjobsScheduler
DEL /pki/config/X/job/$id Delete an job cajobsScheduler krajobsScheduler ocspjobsScheduler tksjobsScheduler
GET /pki/config/X/auths Get list of authentication plugins caauths kraauths ocspauths tksauths
GET /pki/config/X/auth/$id Get authentication plugin details caauths kraauths ocspauths tksauths
PUT /pki/config/X/auth/$id Add or modify an authentication plugin caauths kraauths ocspauths tksauths
DEL /pki/config/X/auth/$id Delete an authentication plugin caauths kraauths ocspauths tksauths
GET /pki/config/X/certs Get list of system_certs caserver kraserver ocspserver tksserver
GET /pki/config/X/cert/$id Get system_cert caGetSubsystemCert kraGetTransportCert
GET /pki/config/X/cert/Y/details Get system_cert details caserver kraKRADisplayTransport; kraserver ocspserver tksserver
PUT /pki/config/X/cert/$id Add an system_cert caserver kraserver ocspserver tksserver; tksImportTransportCert
DEL /pki/config/X/cert/$id Delete an system_cert caserver kraserver ocspserver tksserver
GET /pki/config/X/serialnos/$id Get serial number range None as yet None as yet
PUT /pki/config/X/serialnos/$id Update serial number range caUpdateNumberRange kraUpdateNumberRange
GET /pki/config/X/connector/$id Get connector config kraConnector
PUT /pki/config/X/connector/$id Add or modify connector config caUpdateConnector
GET /pki/config/X/ocsp Get ocsp config caGetOCSPInfo ocspGetOCSPInfo
PUT /pki/config/X/ocsp Modify ocsp config caUpdateOCSPConfig
GET /pki/config/X/cloning Get cloning config caGetConfigEntries kraGetConfigEntries ocspGetConfigEntries tksGetConfigEntries
GET /pki/config/X/tokeninfo Get token info (for cloning) caGetTokenInfo kraGetTokenInfo ocspGetTokenInfo tksGetTokenInfo


  1. Version 0.4
  2. There is still misc admin that has not yet been characterized. This is in in caca; caregistry; krakra; ocspocsp; tkstks servlets -which map to the admin servlet.
  3. Wizard and installation servlets are not covered (for the most part).
  4. We need to figure out how to handle client-auth vs. non-clientauth - which maps to ee/agent/admin. Currently we do this by filtering urls.
  5. This is just a first cut - and hopefully a useful starting point for discussions
  6. We need to revisit POST-b in CRLs