Proposal to Separate Existing Single PKI Source Repository into Multiple PKI Source Repositories

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Currently, the PKI repository consists of source code which is utilized to build the following four SRPMS:

  • dogtag-pki
    • NOTE: This 'meta' package only contains a spec file (no tarball since it does not consist of any source).
  • dogtag-pki-theme
    • SOURCE CODE: pki/dogtag/
  • pki-console
    • SOURCE CODE: pki/base/console/
  • pki-core
    • SOURCE CODE: pki/base/ (with the exception of pki/base/console)

Due to this layout, we utilize the various 'compose' scripts to create RPMS and the various 'tarballs' for use in the SRPMS:

  • pki/scripts/compose_dogtag_pki_meta_packages
    • NOTE: RPM and SRPM only -- no tarball
  • pki/scripts/compose_dogtag_pki_theme_packages
  • pki/scripts/compose_pki_console_packages
  • compose_pki_core_packages