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This page serves to track the overall effort to port Dogtag to Debian. Specifically, we would like to port Dogtag 10.x to Debian. We have no plans to port the 9.x version of Dogtag.


Dogtag has a large number of dependencies, which are not all packaged for Debian. Packaging all of the dependencies is the first step in porting Dogtag to Debian.

Timo Aaltonen worked on porting dependencies in Summer 2012 and generated the following list of dependencies that needs to be packaged (EDIT: dropped all that has been packaged already, moved to the table below or we know isn't needed):


This list needs to be reviewed, as the dependencies have likely changed in the last year. Once the list of unpackaged dependencies has been determined, we should track them in the sections below.

Rest Easy

One large dependency of Dogtag is RESTEasy. RESTEasy has a large number of it's own requirements, so porting/packaging RESTEasy for Debian is a good place to start. The build requirements for RESTEasy (as delivered in Fedora 19) have been reviewed to see what is available in Debian Wheezy. A good number of these dependencies exist in Wheezy, but there are quite a few that are not packaged. The below list shows the package name mapping from Fedora->Debian for these build requirements. Anything that appears to be missing is simply listed with a question mark.

Note: updating this list with the dependencies from resteasy-base. This will have a mouch smaller set of dependencies because we will disable many modules as well as tests.

Fedora Debian Notes
avro ? reqd by infinispan
bea-stax libstax-java reqd by stax-ex, whichs is reqd by glassfish-jaxb
bean-validation-api ? reqd by resteasy3?
classmate ? reqd by resteasy3?
cglib libcglib-java
codehaus-parent libcodehaus-parent-java in progress, see below
geronimo-annotation libgeronimo-commonj-spec-java? or one of the other libgeronimo-* packages?
glassfish-dtd-parser libglassfish-dtd-parser-java in progress, see below
glassfish-fastinfoset libglassfish-fastinfoset in progress, see below
glassfish-jaxb ? there are some glassfish-* packages, but not jaxb
glassfish-jaxb-api libglassfish-jaxb-api-java in progress, see below
hibernate-search ? reqd by infinispan
hibernate-hql ? reqd by infinispan
hibernate-validator libhibernate-validator-java
httpcomponents-client libhttpclient-java
httpcomponents-core libhttpcore-java
infinispan ? reqd by resteasy3?
jackson-jaxrs-json-provider libjackson-json-java?
jackson-module-jaxb-annotations ?
jakarta-commons-httpclient libcommons-httpclient-java
jandex ? reqd by resteasy?
jboss-logging-tools ?
jboss-servlet-2.5-api libservlet2.5-java
jboss-servlet-3.0-api libservlet3.0-java
jettison libjettison-java
jetty jetty or jetty8?
junit4 junit4
maven-compiler-plugin libmaven-compiler-plugin-java
maven-failsafe-plugin ? reqd by infinispan
maven-install-plugin libmaven-install-plugin-java
maven-javadoc-plugin libmaven-javadoc-plugin-java
maven-jaxb2-plugin ?
maven-resources-plugin libmaven-resources-plugin-java reqd by maven-local
maven-source-plugin libmaven-source-plugin-java in progress, see below. needed still?
maven-surefire-plugin libsurefire-java
narayana ? reqd by infinispan
netty libnetty-java reqd by resteasy3?
picketbox ? reqd by resteasy3?
protostream ? reqd by infinispan
rhq-plugin-annotations ?
scannotation libscannotation-java in progress, see below
slf4j libslf4j-java
springframework-webmvc libspring-web-servlet-java
stax-ex libstax-ex-java in progress, see below
staxmapper ?
tomcat-el-2.2-api ? might be covered by one of the tomcat* packages
xerces-j2 libxerces2-java
xmlstreambuffer libxmlstreambuffer-java in progress, see below
xsom libxsom-java in progress, see below
jetty-version-maven-plugin ?
maven-local maven?
jboss-annotations-1.1-api ? might be covered by one of the libjboss-* packages
java-devel openjdk7-jdk

To Be Packaged

In Progress

  • In the initial phase, we will try to quickly package dogtag and all the dependant packages in a private repo. That means the we can take a few shortcuts and not do all the things that are required for official package acceptace. Once the initial packaging is complete, we can go back and go through the official process.
  • A number of packages have been packaged so far. Most of these have maven builds, so packaging is relatively simple using the debian-maven-helper.
    • xsom, libxom-java - packaged without javadoc, srpm contains bundled jars - note this is a problem in the fedora build too., needed by glassfish-fastinfoset
    • stax-ex, libstax-ex-java, - packaged without javadoc, needed by xmlstreambuffer
    • xmlstreambuffer, libxmlstreambuffer-java - packaged without javadoc, needed by glassfish-fastinfoset
    • glassfish-dtd-parser, libglassfish-dtd-parser-java libglassfish-dtd-parser-java-doc, needed by glassfish-jaxb
    • glassfish-jaxb-api, libglassfish-jaxb-api-java, packaged without javadoc, needed by glassfish-jaxb
    • glassfish-fastinfoset, libglassfish-fastinfoset-java, packaged without javadoc, added patch without quilt, needed by glassfish-jaxb
    • scannotation, libscannotation-java, packaged without javadoc, required by resteasy
    • codemodel, libcodemodel-java, packaged without javadoc, patch done without quilt, this updates existing codemodel with a later version, needed by istack-commons
    • istack-commons, libistackcommons-java, packaged without javadoc, needed by glassfish-jaxb
    • rngom, librngom-java, packaged without javadoc, needed by glassfish-jaxb

Packaging Completed

  • codehaus-parent, libcodehaus-parent-java - packaged in git.debian.org, if needed
  • maven-source-plugin, libmaven-source-plugin - packaged in git.debian.org, if needed


The Dogtag code and packaging will likely need some changes for Debian. The specifics still need to be determined, but path differences between distributions and deployment of servlets to Tomcat are areas that will most likely require some work. This section should be filled in as we do the investigation.