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The following is the patch review process that is used for Dogtag development. the process is in place to ensure that we only push high-quality patches into the source repository, and that we have an easy way to tie the review information back to the patch/bug/ticket.

Review Goals

  • Reviews should be done in public. This ensures that other people can respond to review feedback and provide their input.
  • Maintaining history of reviews (who conducted the review, what issues were discussed).
  • Maintaining history of patches tied to bugs.
  • Commit message refers to bug #'s and trac ticket #'s

Review Process (old)

  • Attach patches to review request e-mail to pki-devel list.
  • Provide review comments in e-mail to pki-devel list. One should look for code correctness, potential oversights, and following the code formatting standards for the project.
  • Once review is complete, attach patch to bugzilla (if bug report exists) and get review flag set by the reviewer(s).
  • Put commit/push message in bugzilla if fixing a bug (commits list will send out commit message to pki-commits list).
  • Patch log message must refer to bug number (if one exists), and/or trac ticket (if one exists).

Review Process (new/gerrithub)

Now that we have migrated the PKI source code to github, we have the option of doing code reviews using In time, this avenue will become the de-facto mechanism to submit patches, and the mailing list option will be deprecated.

To set up gerrit:

  • yum install git-review
  • Check out the source code and navigate to that tree.
  • Create a "gerrit" remote:
    • git remote add gerrit ssh://<<username>
    • git review -s

Gerrit should now be set up. You can then commit changes locally as usual. When you are ready to submit the patches for review, simply type "git review", and the patches will be submitted to gerrit, creating a new review. You may add reviewers to the review at that time.