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The following is the patch review process that is used for Dogtag development. the process is in place to ensure that we only push high-quality patches into the source repository, and that we have an easy way to tie the review information back to the patch/bug/ticket.

Review Goals

  • Reviews should be done in public. This ensures that other people can respond to review feedback and provide their input.
  • Maintaining history of reviews (who conducted the review, what issues were discussed).
  • Maintaining history of patches tied to bugs.
  • Commit message refers to bug #'s and trac ticket #'s

Review Process

  • Attach patches to review request e-mail to pki-devel list.
  • Provide review comments in e-mail to pki-devel list. One should look for code correctness, potential oversights, and following the code formatting standards for the project.
  • Once review is complete, attach patch to bugzilla (if bug report exists) and get review flag set by the reviewer(s).
  • Put commit/push message in bugzilla if fixing a bug (commits list will send out commit message to pki-commits list).
  • Patch log message must refer to bug number (if one exists), and/or trac ticket (if one exists).