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If you're new to Dogtag Certificate System, read an overview of the Certificate system architecture to become familiar with the technology and terminology behind DCS. Due to the vast amount of acronyms and abbreviations associated with this project, the Tool-Tip Glossary Extension will soon be provided for convenience (please see Bugzilla Bug #438278).

For any questions, first check out Frequently Asked Questions or the extensive online documentation. Also, become familiar with the license.

Client Software

Client software for the Dogtag Certificate System includes the following:

  • Enterprise Security Client for token management
  • Firefox Browser

For more information on the client software and other related technologies look here.

Known Issues

Community Support

As open source software, there are many ways to get help. This includes online documentation, as well as support provided by the project developers and community in the mailing lists and online chat sites in IRC.

  • Subscribe to one or more of the mailing lists.
  • Chat with other users in real time by joining one or more of the IRC channels.

The Future

To see the direction the project is going in, check out the roadmap.

The current Dogtag Certificate System wishlist is also available.