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Team, History, and Contributors


  • Dogtag Certificate System 9.0
  • Dogtag Certificate System 1.3
  • Dogtag Certificate System 1.2.0
  • Dogtag Certificate System 1.1.0
  • Dogtag Certificate System 1.0.0

Next Steps

This is a community-based project. Your ideas matter and it will shape our roadmap. Please add your ideas to the Wishlist.


  • Allow tomcatjss to be provided as part of the operating system
  • Allow osutil to be provided as part of the operating system
  • Create a symmetric key API inside of jss, and change pki-symkey to utilize this new symmetric key API
  • Provide an inventory and descriptions of all of the various tools present in this PKI
  • Provide some real world use cases for this product
  • Update the code to use newer openJDK features
  • Make certificate enrollment, renewal dead easy with other products such as Apache, tomcat
  • Simplify the configuration, and provide more detailed documentation in this area
  • Provide greater detail on the use of pkisilent
  • Clarify development practices including how to remove PKI instances and subsystems
  • Provide clean XML-based external interface
  • Enhance Performance in enrollment and CRL generation
  • Update user, agent interfaces to use Ajax-style navigation
  • Merge TPS agent interface with the security officer interface
  • Fine-tune TPS and ESC interaction for handling the lost key scenario
  • Support Failover/Cloning everywhere including TPS