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* [[DS SSL]]
* [[DS SSL]]
* [[PKI LDAP Connection]]
* [[PKI LDAP Connection]]
= Authentication =
See [[DS Authentication]].
= Authorization =
See [[DS Authorization]].
= Queries =
= Queries =
See [[PKI LDAP Queries]].
See [[PKI LDAP Queries]].
= Logging =
See [[PKI LDAP Logging]].
= References =
= References =

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PKI server uses an LDAP server as a backend to store the data and some of the server configuration. Currently the only supported LDAP server is 389 DS. Each PKI subsystem requires an DS instance. The DS instance can be shared among multiple subsystems and the subsystems will use separate backend databases. The DS instance can be local or remote.

Deployment Scenarios

See DS Deployment Scenarios.


See DS Instance Setup.

To restart DS instance:

$ systemctl restart dirsrv@pki-tomcat.service

DS Backend



See PKI LDAP Queries.