PKI Data Storage Requirements

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Data Storage Requirements

Fedora Directory Server

For a CA, DRM, OCSP, TKS, or TPS subsystem, either have a Fedora Directory Server available on the network in order to provide data storage for the installed PKI RPMs, or simply install the fedora-ds-base package:

yum install fedora-ds-base

The first time you install a Fedora Directory Server, you need to configure it. Run this command as root:


After answering several questions and accepting the license, you will see these choices

Choose a setup type:

  1. Express
      Allows you to quickly set up the servers using the most
      common options and pre-defined defaults. Useful for quick
      evaluation of the products.

  2. Typical
      Allows you to specify common defaults and options.

  3. Custom
      Allows you to specify more advanced options. This is 
      recommended for experienced server administrators only.

To accept the default shown in brackets, press the Enter key.

Choose a setup type [2]: 

Select [2]. When prompted for various options such as user names and network ports, hit <Enter> to accept the default. You will also need to select a password.

Curious users may find more detailed information about the Fedora Directory Server at

SQLite Database

RA subsystems utilize an SQLite database for data storage. The RA does not use the LDAP instance for storage.