PKI Common Components via Subversion

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Building PKI Common Components

IMPORTANT:&nbsp:  For ALL of the following components, "{flavor}" equals either "fedora" or "linux"!

OS Util (osutil)

To build osutil, do the following:

 cd src/pki/{flavor}/osutil

The RPMs will be created in src/release/pki/osutil/dist/rpmpkg/RPMS/{arch}.

Sym Key (symkey)

To build symkey, do the following:

 cd src/pki/{flavor}/symkey

The RPMs will be created in src/release/pki/symkey/dist/rpmpkg/RPMS/{arch}.

PKI Util (pki-util)

To build pki-util, do the following:

 cd src/pki/{flavor}/util

The RPMs will be created in src/release/pki/util/dist/rpmpkg/RPMS/noarch.

Native Tools (pki-native-tools)

To build pki-native-tools, do the following:

 cd src/pki/{flavor}/native-tools

The RPMs will be created in src/release/pki/native-tools/dist/rpmpkg/RPMS/{arch}.

PKI Setup (pki-setup)

To build pki-setup, do the following:

 cd src/pki/{flavor}/setup

The RPMs will be created in src/release/pki/setup/dist/rpmpkg/RPMS/noarch.

Java Tools (pki-java-tools)

To build pki-java-tools, do the following:

 cd src/pki/{flavor}/java-tools

The RPMs will be created in src/release/pki/java-tools/dist/rpmpkg/RPMS/noarch.

PKI Common (pki-common)

To build pki-common, do the following:

 cd src/pki/{flavor}/common-ui

The RPMs will be created in src/release/pki/common-ui/dist/rpmpkg/RPMS/noarch.

 cd src/pki/{flavor}/common

The RPMs will be created in src/release/pki/common/dist/rpmpkg/RPMS/noarch.