PKI 10.8 Python Changes

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Changes in DomainInfo

  • The systems has been replaced with subsystems.

Changes in PKIConnection

Previously the PKIConnection object had to be created for a specific subsystem, limiting its use to that subsystem only. Also, the get(), post(), put(), delete() had to be used with relative paths except when use_root_uri=True.

For example:

ca_connection = PKIConnection(hostname='localhost', port='8080', subsystem='ca')
kra_connection = PKIConnection(hostname='localhost', port='8080', subsystem='kra')

ca_login_client = AccountClient(ca_connection)
kra_login_client = AccountClient(kra_connection)

cert_client = CertClient(ca_connection)
key_client = KeyClient(kra_connection)

info = ca_connection.get('/pki/rest/info', use_root_uri=True)
certs = ca_connection.get('/rest/certs')
keys = kra_connection.get('/rest/agent/keys')

Since PKI 10.8 the PKIConnection object no longer needs to be created for a specific subsystem, allowing a single connection to be used with multiple subsystems. Instead, the subsystem should be specified when creating client objects. Some client objects only work with specific subsystems only so the subsystem does not need to be specified. The get(), post(), put(), delete() should be used with absolute paths in all cases.

For example:

connection = PKIConnection(hostname='localhost', port='8080')

ca_login_client = AccountClient(connection, subsystem='ca')
kra_login_client = AccountClient(connection, subsystem='kra')

cert_client = CertClient(connection)  # only works with CA
key_client = KeyClient(connection)    # only works with KRA

info = connection.get('/pki/rest/info')
certs = connection.get('/ca/rest/certs')
keys = connection.get('/kra/rest/agent/keys')

Existing code should continue to work, but the following parameters have been deprecated and may be removed in the future:

  • subsystem in PKIConnection.__init__()
  • use_root_uri in PKIConnection.get(), post(), put(), and delete()

Changes in SecurityDomainClient

  • The get_security_domain_info() has been replaced with get_domain_info().

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