PKI 10.8 Python Changes

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Changes in PKIConnection

Previously the PKIConnection object had to be created for a specific subsystem, limiting its use to that subsystem only. Also, the get(), post(), put(), delete() had to be used with relative paths except when use_root_uri=True. For example:

ca_connection = PKIConnection(hostname='localhost', port='8080', subsystem='ca')
kra_connection = PKIConnection(hostname='localhost', port='8080', subsystem='kra')

ca_login_client = AccountClient(ca_connection)
kra_login_client = AccountClient(kra_connection)

cert_client = CertClient(ca_connection)
key_client = KeyClient(kra_connection)

info = ca_connection.get('/pki/rest/info', use_root_uri=True)
certs = ca_connection.get('/rest/certs')
keys = kra_connection.get('/rest/agent/keys')

cert_client = CertClient(ca_connection)
key_client = KeyClient(kra_connection)

Since PKI 10.8 the subsystem should be specified when creating client objects instead of the connection object. The get(), post(), put(), delete() should be used with absolute paths in all cases. This allows the connection object to be used with various subsystems. For example:

connection = PKIConnection(hostname='localhost', port='8080')

ca_login_client = AccountClient(connection, subsystem='ca')
kra_login_client = AccountClient(connection, subsystem='kra')

cert_client = CertClient(connection)  # always uses CA subsystem
key_client = KeyClient(connection)    # always uses KRA subsystem

info = connection.get('/pki/rest/info')
certs = connection.get('/ca/rest/certs')
keys = connection.get('/kra/rest/agent/keys')

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