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= Motivation =
This page has been moved to https://github.com/dogtagpki/pki/wiki/PKI-10.6-Python-3-Support.
The change is motivation by [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FinalizingFedoraSwitchtoPython3 Fedora's Switch to Python 3] and [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:Python Fedora's packaging guidelines for Python]. Fedora is slowly deprecating Python 2 support in favor of Python 3. FreeIPA is also turning a Python 3-only package. For 4.7-dev, all Python 2 dependencies have been removed -- except for Dogtag. Only Dogtag pulls in Python 2.7 for pkispawn, pkidestroy, upgrade script and pki client command.
= Python dependency =
; pki-base
: provides /usr/sbin/pki-upgrade and /etc/pki/pki.conf
; pki-base-python2 (virtual package in Dogtag 10.5)
: provides pki client package for Python 2
; pki-base-python3
: provides pki client package for Python 3
; pki-server
: provides /usr/sbin/pkispawn, /usr/sbin/pkidestroy and pki.server package (currently Python 2)
== Fedora 27 ==
For Fedora 27 and Dogtag 10.5, it ''should'' be possible to build Dogtag packages with Python 3 as default for all commands. At the moment, pki-base-10.5.1 depends on Python 2.7. This would help freeIPA to test Python 3-only supporting with a custom build of Dogtag 10.5.
Although Python 3 support has seen some testing already, it might be too risky to change the default packages in Fedora 27 to Python 3.
== Fedora 28 ==
Starting with Fedora 28, freeIPA '''must''' not depend on Python 2 at all. This means pki-base and all Dogtag commands like pkispawn must use Python 3. The Python 2 client package pki, provided by package name ''pki-base-python2'', must still be available for legacy support.
; pki-base
: changed to Python 3 / pki-base-python3
; pki-base-python2
: optional
; pki-server
: changed to Python 3
== Fedora 29+ ==
For Fedora 29 and later, it should be possible to build Dogtag without Python 2 in build root. The cmake build system and RPM spec file should no longer assume that ''python'' or ''python2'' commands are available.
The pki-base-python2 package should still be available and packaged for Fedora 29 when the build root contains Python 2.
= Packaging guideline violations =
Dogtag's Python package names violate the Fedora packaging guidelines. During the RPM spec file update, we should also update the package names.
; pki-base-python2
: rename Package to python2-pki that provides a virtual package pki-base-python2
; pki-base-python3
: rename Package to python3-pki that provides a virtual package pki-base-python3
We should also look into using macros like %{?python_provide:%python_provide python3-%{srcname}}
= Patches =
; https://review.gerrithub.io/#/c/399238/
: Replaces hard-coded ''python'' with dynamic cmake variable ''@PYTHON_EXECUTABLE@'' in scripts pkispawn, pkidestroy, pki-server-upgrade, pki, and pki-upgrade
; https://review.gerrithub.io/#/c/399223/
: Add flags ''WITH_PYTHON2'', ''WITH_PYTHON3'', and ''WITH_PYTHON3_SERVER''. The last flags switches all commands and pki.server to Python 3.
= References =
* [[PKI Design]]

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