PKI 10.5 Development

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This page describes the development process for PKI 10.5. For PKI 10.6 see this page.

Source Code

To clone the source repository:

$ git clone
$ cd pki

By default it will checkout the master branch.

To list available branches:

$ git branch -r

To switch to a different branch:

$ git checkout <branch>


During development PKI may require dependencies that are only available in COPR Repositories.


To enable PKI COPR repository:

$ dnf copr -y enable @pki/10.5

To install PKI dependencies:

$ dnf builddep -y specs/pki-core.spec


To enable PKI COPR repository:

$ yum install -y yum-plugin-copr
$ yum copr enable @pki/10.5

To install PKI dependencies:

$ yum-builddep -y specs/pki-core.spec

Building PKI Packages

To build PKI packages:

$ cd scripts/
$ ./compose_pki_core_packages rpms
$ ./compose_pki_console_packages rpms
$ ./compose_dogtag_pki_theme_packages rpms
$ ./compose_dogtag_pki_packages rpms

The packages will be built and placed under ../../packages/RPMS.

Installing PKI Packages


To install PKI packages:

$ dnf install ../../packages/RPMS/noarch/* ../../packages/RPMS/x86_64/*


To install PKI packages:

$ yum localinstall ../../packages/RPMS/noarch/* ../../packages/RPMS/x86_64/*