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Installing OpenShift Client

Install OpenShift client:

$ dnf install rubygem-rhc

Setup the client:

$ rhc setup

Listing Applications

To list all applications:

$ rhc apps


To list environment variables:

$ rhc env list -a <application> -n <domain>

To set environment variable:

$ rhc env set <name>=<value> -a <application> -n <domain>

The HTTPD configuration is located at ${HOME}php/configuration/etc/conf.d.

Starting/Stopping an Application

To start an application:

$ rhc app start <application> -n <domain>

To stop an application:

$ rhc app stop <application> -n <domain>

Accessing an Application

$ rhc ssh <application> -n <domain>

Checking Disk Usage

$ rhc app show <application> -n <domain> --gears quota