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$ dnf install mongodb-server

Starting Server

$ systemctl start mongod

Command-Line Client

Connecting to Database

To connect to a local database:

$ mongo <database>

To connect to a remote database:

$ mongo "mongodb+srv://<hostname>/<database>" --username <username>

Displaying Database Info

To display database name:

MongoDB> db

To display database version:

MongoDB> db.version()

Listing Collections

MongoDB> show collections

Creating a Collection

MongoDB> db.createCollection("users")

Removing a Collection

MongoDB> db.users.drop()

Listing Documents

MongoDB> db.users.find()

Creating a Document

MongoDB> db.users.insertOne({
    uid: "testuser",
    name: "Test User"

Removing a Document

MongoDB> db.users.remove({"uid": "testuser"})

Java Client


$ dnf install mongo-java-driver

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