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  • Here is a proposed new RESTful design for a programmatic interface to dogtag
"Objects" "Operation" "REST Path" "Description" "Mapped Servlets (CA)" "Mapped Servlets (KRA)" "Mapped Servlets(OCSP)" "Mapped Servlets (TKS)"
Objects Operation REST Path Description Mapped Servlets (CA) Mapped Servlets (KRA) Mapped Servlets(OCSP) Mapped Servlets (TKS) Input Output
Certificates GET /pki/certificates Get list of certificates caSrchCerts-agent; caListCerts-agent;caSrchCert; caSrchRevokeCert; caSrchCerts; caListCerts
/pki/certifcate/$id/details Get certifcate details caDisplayCertFromRequest-agent; caDisplayBySerial-agent; caDisplayCertFromRequest; caDisplayBySerial
GET /pki/certificate/ocsp Get OCSP response caOCSP ocspCheckCert; ocspReadCheckCertPage
GET /pki/certificate Get certifcate caGetAdminCertBySerial; caGetCertChain; caGetCertChainAdmin; caGetCertFromRequest-agent;caGetBySerial-agent; caQueryBySerial; caGetBySerial; caGetAdminBySerial; caGetCAChain; caGetCertFromRequest
POST-a /pki/certificate Add a certificate None
DEL /pki/certificate Delete a certificate None
Certificate Status PUT /pki/certificate/$id/status Modify certificate status - revoke; unrevoke caDoUnrevoke; caDoRevoke-agent; caDoRevoke1; caDoRevoke1; caCMCRevReq; caDoUnrevoke1; caRevocation; caDoRevoke; caProxyDoRevoke {status; revoked}
GET /pki/certificate/$id/status Get certificate status {status: active}
Cert Requests GET /pki/requests Get list of requests caListRequests; caSearchReqs {search/ selection parameters} { collection of rids }
GET /pki/request/$id Get request details caqueryReq; caCheckRequest
POST-a /pki/request Add a request caProfileSubmit; caenrollment;cacertbasedenrollment; caProfileSubmitCMCSimple; profileSubmitCMCFull; caProfileSubmitSSLClient; caProxyProfileSubmit; cabulkissuance; caProxyBulkIssuance; caRenewal; caSCEP; caRASCEP {status; approved; certid: /pki/certificate/id; rid; /pki/request/id}
DEL /pki/request/$id Delete a request None
PUT /pki/request/$id Modify a request - if a request is not approved an agent can modify it before approving. caProfileProcess; caProcessCertReq; caProcessReq {all stuff in a request} {status; approved; certid: /pki/certificate/id; rid; /pki/request/id}
Cert Request Status PUT /pki/request/$id/status Modify request status - approve; deny etc; caProfileProcess; caProcessCertReq; caProcessReq {status: approved} {status; approved; certid; /pki/certificate/id}
GET /pki/request/$id/status Get request status caCheckRequest {status; approved; certid; /pki/certificate/id}
Cert profiles GET /pki/profiles Get list of profiles caProfileList-agent; caProfileList
GET /pki/profile/$id Get profile details caProfileReview; caProfileSelect-agent; caProfileSelect; caSCEP; caRASCEP
PUT /pki/profile/$id Add or modify profile caprofile; caProfileApprove
DEL /pki/profile/$id Delete a profile caprofile
Cert CRLs GET /pki/crls Get list of CRLs None
GET /pki/crl/details Get CRL details camasterCADisplayCRL ocspReadAddCRLPage
GET /pki/crl Get CRL caGetCRL
PUT /pki/crl Add a CRL ocspAddCRL
POST-b /pki/crl Modify a CRL camasterCAUpdateCRL
DEL /pki/crl Delete a CRL
CAs (for OCSP) GET /pki/ocsp/cas Get list of CAs ocspListCAs
GET /pki/ocsp/ca/$id Get CA details ocspReadAddCAPage
PUT /pki/ocsp/ca/$id Add or modify a CA ocspAddCA
DEL /pki/ocsp/ca/$id Delete a CA ocspRemoveCA
keys GET /pki/keys Get list of keys kraSrchKey; kraKRASrchKey; kraKRASrchKeyForRecovery; kraSrchRecoverKey
GET /pki/key Get key kraKRAGetPk12; kraKRAGetAsyncPk12
GET /pki/key/$id/details Get key details kraKRADisplayBySerialForRecovery; kraKRADisplayBySerial
PUT /pki/key Add a key
DEL /pki/key Delete a key None
key requests (archival; recovery) GET /pki/keyrequests Get list of key requests kraListRequests; krakraqueryReq
GET /pki/keyrequest/$id Get key request details kraKRAGetApprovalStatus; kraKRAExamineRecovery;
POST-a /pki/keyrequest Add a key request kraKRARecoverBySerial;
Key request Status PUT /pki/keyrequest/$id/status Modify a key request status (approve async recovery) kraKRAGrantRecovery; kraKRAGrantAsyncRecovery; kraKRAProcessReq; kraGrantRecovery; {status approve} {status; pending-1}
GET /pki/keyrequest/$id/status Get key request status {status: pending-1; approvers: cn: alee}
DEL /pki/keyrequest/$id Delete a key request None
users GET /pki/users Get list of users caug kraug ocspug tksug
GET /pki/user/$id Get user details caug kraug ocspug tksug
PUT /pki/user/$id Add or modify a user caug; caRegisterUser; caRegisterRaUser; caAdminEnroll kraRegisterUser; kraug ocspug tksug; tksRegisterUser
DEL /pki/user Delete a user caug kraug ocspug tksug
System GET /pki/X/status Get subsystem status caGetStatus
GET /pki/X/stats Get subsystem stats caStats
GET /pki/X/monitor Get subsystem monitor stats caMonitor
GET /pki/X/logs Get list of logs for subsystem calog kralog ocsplog tkslog
GET /pki/X/log Get log contents calog kralog ocsplog tkslog
GET /pki/config/X/acls Get list of acls caacl kraacl ocspacl tksacl
GET /pki/config/X/acl/$id Get acl details caacl kraacl ocspacl tksacl
PUT /pki/config/X/acl/$id Add or modify an acl caacl kraacl ocspacl tksacl
DEL /pki/config/X/acl Delete an acl caacl kraacl ocspacl tksacl
GET /pki/config/X/logs Get list of logs calog kralog ocsplog tkslog
GET /pki/config/X/log/$id Get log details calog kralog ocsplog tkslog
PUT /pki/config/X/log/$id Add or modify a log configuration calog kralog ocsplog tkslog
DEL /pki/config/X/log Delete an log configuration calog kralog ocsplog tkslog
GET /pki/config/ca/systems Get list of systems from security domain caGetDomainXML
GET /pki/config/ca/system/$id Get system details from sec domain None as yet
PUT /pki/config/ca/system/$id Add or modify a system in security domain caUpdateDomainXML
DEL /pki/config/ca/system/$id Delete an system from security domain caUpdateDomainXML
GET /pki/config/ca/publishers Get list of publishers capublisher
GET /pki/config/ca/publisher/$id Get publisher details capublisher
PUT /pki/config/ca/publisher/$id Add or modify a publisher capublisher
DEL /pki/config/ca/publisher/$id Delete a publisher capublisher
GET /pki/config/X/jobs Get list of jobs cajobsScheduler krajobsScheduler ocspjobsScheduler tksjobsScheduler
GET /pki/config/X/job/$id Get job details cajobsScheduler krajobsScheduler ocspjobsScheduler tksjobsScheduler
PUT /pki/config/X/job/$id Add an job cajobsScheduler krajobsScheduler ocspjobsScheduler tksjobsScheduler
DEL /pki/config/X/job/$id Delete an job cajobsScheduler krajobsScheduler ocspjobsScheduler tksjobsScheduler
GET /pki/config/X/auths Get list of authentication plugins caauths kraauths ocspauths tksauths
GET /pki/config/X/auth/$id Get authentication plugin details caauths kraauths ocspauths tksauths
PUT /pki/config/X/auth/$id Add or modify an authentication plugin caauths kraauths ocspauths tksauths
DEL /pki/config/X/auth/$id Delete an authentication plugin caauths kraauths ocspauths tksauths
GET /pki/config/X/certs Get list of system_certs caserver kraserver ocspserver tksserver
GET /pki/config/X/cert/$id Get system_cert caGetSubsystemCert kraGetTransportCert
GET /pki/config/X/cert/Y/details Get system_cert details caserver kraKRADisplayTransport; kraserver ocspserver tksserver
PUT /pki/config/X/cert/$id Add an system_cert caserver kraserver ocspserver tksserver; tksImportTransportCert
DEL /pki/config/X/cert/$id Delete an system_cert caserver kraserver ocspserver tksserver
GET /pki/config/X/serialnos/$id Get serial number range None as yet None as yet
PUT /pki/config/X/serialnos/$id Update serial number range caUpdateNumberRange kraUpdateNumberRange
GET /pki/config/X/connector/$id Get connector config kraConnector
PUT /pki/config/X/connector/$id Add or modify connector config caUpdateConnector
GET /pki/config/X/ocsp Get ocsp config caGetOCSPInfo ocspGetOCSPInfo
PUT /pki/config/X/ocsp Modify ocsp config caUpdateOCSPConfig
GET /pki/config/X/cloning Get cloning config caGetConfigEntries kraGetConfigEntries ocspGetConfigEntries tksGetConfigEntries
GET /pki/config/X/tokeninfo Get token info (for cloning) caGetTokenInfo kraGetTokenInfo ocspGetTokenInfo tksGetTokenInfo

Notes: 1. There is still misc admin that has not yet been characterized. This is in in caca, caregistry, krakra, ocspocsp, tkstkservlets -which map to the admin servlet. 2. Wizard and installation servlets are not covered (for the most part). 3. I have not included token/ token key operations (which is why the main TKS operations are not there yet) 4. We need to figure out how to handle client-auth vs. non-clientauth - which maps to ee/agent/admin. Currently we do this by filtering urls. 5. This is just a first cut - and hopefully a useful starting point for discussions